Welcome to Mongolian Yurts Direct
We are a UK company, and from our
warehouse in South London we sell yurts
direct to the public throughout the UK,
Europe and most destinations worldwide.
We are uniquely positioned as the only
company in the world that runs and owns
its own yurt workshop facilities in Mongolia.
This combination guarantees you receive
the best possible yurts Mongolia has to
offer at the most competitive prices.
    So who uses your yurts then?
Borough & County Councils throughout
the UK. Pitched in virtually every country
in Europe. Private homes from Orkney to
Guernsey. National trust properties,
museums & zoos Used daily by Yurt hire
& exhibition companies. Appearing in
books newspapers & magazines.
        Why buy a yurt from Us?
- Yurts from £1,995 incl. Vat
- We've been selling yurts since 2004
- Workshop faciities in Mongolia & the UK
- Designed and built for a British climate
- Large range of yurts always in stock
- Show yurt to view year round
- Solid wooden frame & door as standard
- Four materials layers on all yurts
- Ornate hand carved yurts available
- We are passionate about what we do
               Yurt Confused?
How does a Mongolian and a Chinese
yurt differ. How does a Turkic and a UK
made yurt compare. Which style yurt is
best for me. Click
HERE to find out more
  Whats differant about your yurts
All imported yurts are NOT the same.
HERE  and learn from over 12 years
experience of making yurts in Mongolia
and using them in the UK
Yurts Direct
Bringing Mongolia to the World