Below are a selection of yurts for sale at discounted prices. You will also from time to time find one off, uniquely
designed yurts that are not generally available. All yurts are sold on a first come first serve basis.

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Bringing Mongolia to the World
A truly unique yurt that we have
made only three of, All woodwork
is finished in red and decorated
with traditional designs. In order to
make them as portable as
possible we have used a
lightweight crown wheel design,
removed the crown supports and
increased headroom height.

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of this yurt by clicking
No.3 - Herders Yurt
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- All Yurts are sold on a first come fist served basis.
- Yurts are only deemed held on issue of a valid invoice for a period of five days pending receipt of payment.
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- Full payment required at time of ordering any yurts that are on sale.
This yurt is available for £2,995 inc. Vat. Full payment required at time of ordering. Yurt not available until
mid March 2019.