The outer cover is the outermost of five material layers that cover our traditional yurts. All outer covers are made
from a 12oz polycotton canvas to give a clean natural look. Outer covers can be in white or dark green canvas.
White canvas outer covers come as standard with a key design around the door and crown wheel in red or blue
or green. These designs are stiched onto the cover by hand and add a final flourish of colour to your yurt. Dark
green canvas covers come in plain green with no decoration. All of the above options are included in the price of
our traditional Yurts.
White Canvas Cover
Picture showing a No.4
size yurt with a white
canvas cover and a
green key design.
key design can also be
in red or blue.
Traditional yurts outer cover. Design & canvas colour options
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Green Canvas Cover
Picture showing a No.6
size yurt with a plain
green canvas cover that
easily bends into it's