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What's not included in the price:
Delivery, pitching of yurt on site, door lock, groundsheet or wooden base for yurt, furniture, stove, installation of
silicon flue collar.
What's included in the price

1 Crown wheel
96 Roof poles
2 Crown supports
1 One-piece outer door and door frame
6 lattice-wall sections pre-treated with preservative

Material Covers:
Layer 1:
One piece cotton liner for roof & walls
Layer 2: 6mm thick semi synthetic felt insulating layer for roof and walls
Layer 3: 100% waterproof seam welded PVC roof cover and canvas wall cover
Layer 4: 12oz  white or green canvas outer cover
Layer 5: Clear PVC & canvas starcap to cover crown wheel

Wait there's even more ....
Traditional door handles x 2
Horsehair ropes and hard wearing polyester webbing on exterior of yurt.
56 page illustrated manual on how to assemble, disassemble and care for your yurt.
20 page guide on how to site your yurt and construct a one piece wooden base for your yurt.
Specifications No.6 Size Traditional Yurt                £5,795 incl. Vat

We believe this to be the best value yurt in the UK by far. Solid wooden frame covered by four layers of material
covers. This yurt has almost everything  you will need in one package. Any questions feel free to call us on
0777 324 0000. Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm or email us at

                           Included in the price of your yurt
Traditional decoration
Door, crown wheel, crown supports and all roof poles are finished in one of three base colours. Green, Blue
or Orange before being hand decorated with Traditional designs to give a bold, ornate and colourful finish.
HERE for sample pictures of different woodwork finishes.

Outer Cover
The outermost of four material layers on your yurt comes in a choice of
1. Plain green 12oz polycotton canvas              
2. White 12oz polycotton canvas decorated with key design in your choice of red or blue or green.
All options are included in the price of the yurt. For more info and pictures please click

                                       Optional Upgrades
Felt Insulation
Upgrade from the 6mm thick semi synthetic felt that comes as standard with this yurt to our luxury, 12mm
thick 100% organic wool felt for an additional £695.

Door Cover
To protect your yurt door from the worst of the elements, we recommend that one of our door covers are
placed over it when the yurt is not in use. Door covers are made from the same quality and colour of canvas
as your outer cover in order to blend in. Priced at £125 per yurt door.

Carved Yurt
Make a true visual impact by upgrading from the hand painted decoration that comes as standard on all our
Traditional yurts to decoration that is carved directly into the wooden framework of your yurt. Carved yurts are
finished of with a clear laquer to provide an ornate yet understated finish that will fit in with any colour scheme
you choose. For sample picture please click

To upgrade this size yurt to a carved finish add £700

                                          Optional Services
Contact us stating your postcode for an individual quote. Alternatively use Google maps to calculate distance
from your postcode to our workshop at CR0 2DS. We charge £1.60 per mile. We only charge in one direction.
Minimum charge of £145 applies. If you'd prefer to pick up your yurt yourself, then come see us at our
warehouse - Unit 39 Neville Court, Croydon CR0 2DS.

The vast majority of yurts are installed by their owners. All yurts come with a fully illustrated guide showing
you how to do this. With over 700 yurts sold to date we are proud to say that no-one has not been able to pitch
their yurt themselves. At an additional cost our team can visit you to pitch your yurt for you. Pricing is based on
size of yurt, distance from our workshop and ease of access to site. Prices start from £695, please contact us
for more information.

                                     General Information
Yurt Base
If you planning on using your yurt long term in one location, we recomend that it is sited on a one piece
wooden base constructed using the plans we email out to everyone that buys a yurt from us. A wooden base
provides a stable platform for the yurt as well as a warm, safe surface for you to move around on. Does not
require use of a groundsheet. Click
HERE for more info.

Install a stove in your yurt
We do not supply or install stoves as this is a specialist area. However we are happy to recommend two
companies that will be able to supply you with everything stove related for your yurt. For more information click