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6mm thick Luxury Felt
When choosing what felt to use on our yurts, how thick it
is is not the only consideration. Densness and hence
weight = how much wool has been used in the felts
making and hence are important factors to consider. Our
6mm thick luxury felt is extremely dense and hard
wearing. The extra density creates a felt that is very
warm and should we say it - yes, luxurious. It contains a
percentage of recycled man made fibers.

Warm enough for temperatures down *to minus -5 °C.
Additional layers substantially increase this rating.         *
Heat source required.
All prices are inclusive of VAT
16mm thick 100% wool felt
This felt is made in Mongolia from 100% organic sheeps
wool. Processed by an ISO 9001 company in their own
factory. It is the thickest and best quality felt we have
come across in our eleven years of making yurts in
This felt is too thick to be sewn by machine and is hence
cut and sewn by hand. All edges are trimeed in wool or
horsehair braid to give a clean and professional finish.
This thickness of felt significantly increases the heat
retention and warmth of your yurt.
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No.4 Yurt
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*All prices are inclusive of VAT
Yurt Size
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No.4 Yurt
No.5 Yurt
No.6 Yurt