Why do you make your own yurts?
I moved to Mongolia in June 2004. Like many since I
bought what I thought was a good quality yurt from a local
maker and brought to the UK. Once pitched in the UK we
discovered there was not only a demand for Mongolian
yurts, but also the effect of poor quality joinary, unsuitable
materials and a lot of rain had on the yurt. We felt that
Mongolian makers were unable to understand the needs
of a yurt destined for the West and believed the only
sustainable and honest solution was to start making
them ourselves. We bought an old Russian army
barracks along with some land, bought some wood, hired
some carpenters and have not looked back since.  

Where are your yurts made?
From 2016 our yurts are made and finished in two
locations. In our own managed & owned workshops in
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and London UK. We also work
closely with three co-operatives in Mongolia. Two groups
are carpenters, the other a group of three ladies who
specialise in precision sewing. All three groups were
previously employed at our workshop in Mongolia.  

How are Mongolian Yurts Direct involved?
Our yurts are sold in the UK and throughout Europe
through our UK company Mongolian Yurts Direct Ltd
which is based in London. You are buying direct from the
manufacturer with no middlemen or mark ups involved.

About me
I'm Tim Scarlett. My wife is Mongoian and I split my time
between Mongolia & the UK. We have been involved with
yurts for the past 12 years. I was the first non-Mongolian
to make yurts in Mongolia.

We were the first in the UK to
Bring Mongolian yurts to the UK in 2004 and have been
using them continuously ever since. We have had a show
yurt pitched year round for people to view since 2004.

Authentic Mongolian yurts in the UK?
Since we started using the phrase "yurts adapted for a
Western climate" many importers of yurts have latched
onto this, paying lip service to the idea, making a simple
change in a certain fabric or using a differant supplier of
paint. However it's impossible to adapt yurts to a
Western environment unless you are involved with
making them yourself.

So how do your yurts differ from others?
- Wood source
- Use of waterproof glue*
- Use of proper joinary
- Quality control of fit & finish
- Professional packing*
- Use of bonded nylon sewing thread on outer covers*
- Stainless steel & brass accessories*
- Workers rights & salaries
- Ropes & webbing
- Lexan in place of glass*
- All paints, primer, undercoat, top coat, yacht varnish*
- We offer a genuine guarantee against defects
* Relates to some modles in our product range, not all.
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